Today on the market you can choose different types of mattress: from the most rigid to the most welcoming, from the most ergonomic to the classic, this depending on one’s physicality and resting habits.

As we sleep the entire musculature that controls the correct position of the spine relaxes, thus allowing the body to adapt to the support on which it is placed. For this reason, in order for the mattress to be ideal, it must be chosen based on certain personal physical characteristics of the user, such as size, height, sweating, possible musculoskeletal problems, and habits.

How to Choose the Mattress?

Specifically, the weight and height of the person who must use the mattress is the starting point for establishing the most appropriate degree of rigidity. Compared to the choice of material, possible allergies are to be considered, in addition to the type of sweating. It is also important to assess the temperature and humidity of the room.

How to choose the most comfortable mattress?

In this area, there are now many models of mattresses, different in height, material, coatings, and padding. Some offer the same benefits and sensations, but with a different yield over time. In fact, a good mattress must adapt to the body day after day, maintaining its characteristics and elasticity for as long as possible.

Finally, before buying, it is essential to test the characteristics of the mattresses and check their comfort, lying down for at least 10 minutes, possibly in the position in which they usually sleep.

What makes a mattress comfortable?

Answering this question is difficult and varies greatly from subject to subject. Those who sleep supine will not seek the same characteristics as those prone or sideways, as well as those suffering from joint pains will have specific needs. Then there are those who love to feel supported and those who prefer to sleep on the soft.

If you then have to sleep in two, in addition to your comfort, you must also think about reaching a compromise. Buying a mattress is a long-term investment and for this, it is essential to try it to find out which is the right product for a better rest.

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