As said the medical mattress is used to prevent ulcers, unfortunately in many cases it is only realized in retrospect that the pressure of the body in some points, and in a prolonged manner, causes injuries. Only in these moments does one become aware of the problem and act accordingly. To relieve body pressure, different materials are used that are different from each other and that we will better see in the next section.

The choice of the best material depends on various factors, such as the patient’s ability or incapacity to move, his general state of health and whether they should already be present, including the position of the ulcers. Another feature to take into account is the ease of use, personal needs, which in some cases the person concerned can communicate, the budget available and not least, the need to do maintenance that extends the life of the product.

Among the anti-decubitus mattresses on the market, there are some that ensure the correct position by reducing pressure points to the maximum, and others that manage to regulate the points where bedsores could occur.

In any case, as they are mattresses. Those with anti-mite and anti-allergic properties will always be preferred, as well as the anti-suffocation properties.

Ultimately, you need to be aware of different patient assessments. The first important characteristic is the physical conditions, in addition to this, there are his mental conditions, the type of autonomy in the movements he enjoys, and finally incontinence.

An important aspect is the body weight but also the body structure itself. Some anti-decubitus mattresses perform their action particularly well for example for long and thin people, in all other cases, the opinion of the doctor and nurse must be taken into account, who knows his daily needs better.

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Types of anti-decubitus mattress:

As mentioned, there are different types of medical or anti-decubitus mattresses, the difference between one and the other depends on how the body is received. The models of anti-decubitus mattresses are many and different, even by a lot. Each performs particular functions.

We need to know how to carefully assess the needs of the patient because, in the case of a minimal possibility of movement, the models in expanded polyurethane will be preferable. By using this kind of mattress, the patient is allowed to change the position and thus benefit from an optimal pressure reception.