Everybody sleeps differently. He has certain physical conditions and preferences. Choosing the right degree of mattress and slatted frame is especially important for personal sleeping comfort. For this, a wide variety of slatted frames from top brands are equipped with adjustable slides or double strips. These are subsequently individually adjustable.

There are two types of adjustable slides. In one variant, the double strips are already on top of each other for adjustment. The square plastic slides cover the two strips. For a firmer setting push the respective adjusting slide outwards and the two strips approach each other. If you like it softer, move the sliders toward the middle.

A second variant is a plastic slide between the double strips. In this slider model, however, the setting of the degree of hardness works exactly the other way round. Towards the middle, the bar becomes harder and towards the outside, you will achieve a softer underlay in this last section.

There are also models that work with adjustable flaps. These are folded up for a tighter pad and folded down for a softer spring back.

Which variant is used depends on the manufacturer and model.

Adjust the slatted frame and protect the pelvis and shoulder area

Those who ensure that the degree of hardness of the slatted base is adequately adapted to their own physiognomy and lying habits can effectively prevent back pain. The cause of pain in the upper or lower back after getting up is in the nature of things. When lying down, heavy body parts are more heavily loaded and sink due to body weight. The spine is then severely bent and pain develops.

On the other hand, if the pad is too hard and does not yield to the heavy body parts, the spine is also affected. In short, adjusting the slatted frame will make it harder in some places and softer in others. In this way, it adapts to the weight of the various body parts. The spinal column must lie in a straight line when lying down. You can get more information http://bestmattress-brand.store